Customs services

We’re accountable so that you have the proper tariff classifications for your goods, so that the chances of an inspection fee are greatly minimized, so that you are informed about the consequences of new tariff regulations. We take care of all the details so you can concentrate on taking care of business.

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Alpha Logistiques provides efficient and comprehensive customs services that are fully integrated with our transportation network. This allows us to use our leading EDI technology to minimize delays in Canada and the US.

  • Customs clearance using the latest technology for every port in Canada and the US
  • Tracking and tracing shipments pending customs clearance
  • Correct tariff classification of all imported goods
  • Requests for refund, drawbacks and various remissions
  • Specialized knowledge and mastery of laws and regulations pertaining to customs and international trade
  • Customs consultation capable of in-depth analysis of tariff classification, customs valuation and any other matter concerning the treatment of imports

Our expertise

Import or export, analysis or advice, forwarding or warehousing, we provide a full spectrum of services geared to your specific needs and requirements.

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